Coronavirus test (COVID-19) by IASYS

For sampling at your place (home, work, hotel) the extra charge is €10.

Coronavirus antibody test by IASYS

Antibodies to the virus can be detected for patients who may already be ill. This is done with a serological method that requires a simple blood draw. IASYS antibodies test detects IgG and IgM antibodies produced by the human body against the new coronavirus (SARS – CoV-2). IgM antibodies are produced in the first days after the onset of symptoms and usually remain in the body for one to two months at most. IgGs appear in the blood a little later than IgMs and usually remain in the body for much longer, months or years, which we do not yet know about the new coronavirus. The duration of the examination requires only 2-3 minutes. The results of the serological tests require only 20 minutes.

The results are sent via email.

IASYS diagnostic center performs all three tests.

We would like to inform you that the above sampling is performed only in Athens by our specialized staff in combination with the necessary clinical evaluation.

Special protection measures by IASYS

Laboratory protocol:

Sampling is always done by appointment with a time interval of at least 30 minutes. Before entering the laboratory for sampling for the SARs-COV-2 coronavirus molecular test, the patient must wear a surgical mask and clean his hands with antiseptic at the entrance. The sampler wears gloves and disposable protective clothing which are discarded after sampling. Sampling is always done in the special area with the door closed. Payment is recommended by POS or bank deposit. In case of  patient with suspected SARs – COV-2, all surfaces in the sampling area, POS, door handles, front door buttons and elevator (3rd and ground floor) must be disinfected with antiseptic .Chairs, secretariat surfaces and waiting areas are cleaned at a regular basis.

Every day the floors are cleaned with bleach and the work surfaces with antiseptic. General disinfection of the laboratory is also carried out. IASYS staff undergo COVID-19 SARs– COV-2 testing very regularly. If any of the staff have symptoms of SARs– COV-2 they should stay home and be sampled at home. In home sampling, staff enter the patient’s area with a mask, gloves and disposable protective clothing. Hands are cleaned with antiseptic before entering and after leaving. After leaving the disposable protective equipment is discarded.

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